Wreck of the Danish Brig "Caroline" at Redcar Christmas Day 1836 and the tragic death of all the crew and Lifeboatman William Guy
One of Trident Seafood's largest crab vessels the  "Southern Wind” entering St. Paul’s Harbour,
St. Paul Island in the Bering Sea. January storm into a difficult entrance.
Everyone wants to be the Captain until it’s time to do Captain things!!
(Credit Aaron Lestenkof)
With the precious support of the French Navy (Marine Nationale Francaise) and French television TF1, a team of two people (Fulvio d’Aguanno et Tanguy Thuaud) from Nefertiti Prod. spent forty days onboard the Frégate - helicopter carrier - NIVOSE to shoot videos from the Vendée Globe sailors around the Kerguelen Islands, in the south Indian Ocean.
Alex Thompson the lone skipper of the Hugo Boss waves the Union Flag to the French Navy!
(Via YouTube)
The Kerguelen Islands are approximately 2,770 miles SE of the Cape of Good Hope SA

Short clip of Sophie & Chris in the “Pelagic Australis” sailing from the Falkland Islands to Cape Town during winter. They left Port Stanley in mid July and arrived in

Cape Town three weeks later.


Chris Kobusch and Sophie O'Neill are both professional sailors, they met during the 2017-2018 Clipper Round The World Race

and have been sailing and adventuring together ever since.

“Pelagic Australis” is one of the Pelagic Expedition fleet. (www.pelagic.co.uk)

Two 47-foot Motor Life Boat crews from U.S. Coast Guard Station Oregon Inlet, practice manoeuvring in 10 to 12-foot waves in Nags Head, North Carolina. Station Oregon Inlet is one of five Coast Guard surf stations on the east coast.


U.S. Coast Guard video by

Fireman Stephen Binion

Fireman Ryan Sexton

Seaman Nathan Kapsar

March 2018

If you prefer the sound of raw power rather than sail, then this is probably for you!


A video by Motor Boat & Yachting trialling the newly restored WW II Motor Gun Boat 81. Originally the boats were built with triple supercharged Packard V12 4M-2500 marine petrol engines.

The restoration was completed by the Burthon Boat Yard and the petrol engines were replaced with triple turbocharged FPT C13 825hp diesel engines.

YouTube clip: - The Sailing Frenchman

On passage from Punta del Este Uraguay, to Cape Town running in a 60kt storm in the southern Atlantic. Third reef and storm jib. 70ft Clipper (23M, 40tons, 29M mast height and a beam 0f 5.65M)

The “Draken” in a North Sea storm: -      YouTube Video from Draken Harald Hårfagre

At 115ft in length the Draken Harald Hårfagre is the largest  replica Viking Ship ever built. She was the brainchild of modern Viking, Sigurd Aase www.drakenhh.com

According to Viking Sagas

Harald Fairhair was among the most famous Viking Kings. He was the first King of Norway and the first war-band leader to unify to Norway as a kingdom.

This unification of kingdom was fairly a love story. When Harald became quite well-known and successful in the battlefield, he wanted a wedding. Knowing the beauty of the neighbouring princess, Gyda the daughter of Eirik, king of Hordaland Harald asked for her hand only to get a refusal. Gyda thought what Harald already had, was nothing great and she deserved more. (Harald later defeated Eirik at the naval Battle of Hafrsfjord.) Gyda completely won the heart of Harald who later swore to conquer the whole of Norway. As we know, an oath to the Vikings was holy and one should never go back on his word and Harald never did. He conquered the majority of Norwegian territory and finally won Gyda as his bride.